1 in 4 Illegal Immigrants Attempting To Enter Poland Found To Have Links To Extremism


Polish security services found links to Islamic extremism in 50 out of 200 illegal immigrants questioned.

The Polish government has found evidence of Islamic extremism amongst the illegal immigrants crossing its border from Belarus, while other nations have accused the country of being ‘Islamophobic’.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński stated that the government had evidence from illegal immigrants mobile phones, of Islamic extremism that included text messages and other materials such as photos.

Minister Kamiński said earlier this week, which was reported by Reuters.

“The situation is extremely tense… I will apply to the Council of Ministers (cabinet) for an extension of the state of emergency by 60 days,”

Polish television broadcaster Polsat News has claimed that photos from an SD card were presented by the spokesman for the coordinator of special services, Stanisław Żaryn, which showed executions and beheadings.

Żaryn said in a statement that:

“Amongst the photos obtained from an Afghan citizen, executions by decapitation were shown, as well as the bodies of murdered people and photos of an arsenal of machine guns,”.

Last Monday (27th September) around 200 illegal immigrants had been examined by the security services and many had also hidden their identities or presented false documentation to Polish authorities.

Out of those 200 people, 50 were found to be Islamic extremists. The majority are young men who are trained in combat and have taken part in various types of armed formations in the Middle East. Officials also noted that child pornography and bestiality pornography were found in the possession of one of the illegal immigrants.

The EU member state declared the state of emergency at the start of September over a surge in illegal immigration that Polish and EU officials blame on Belarus.

Poland’s nationalist government has drawn criticism from human rights groups over its treatment of illegal immigrants; however, the government stands firm by their decision, knowing they have the overwhelming support of the nation.


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