Today 115 illegal immigrants were picked up by Border Force from a French handover and ferried to Dover. 

The illegal immigrants started arriving from 12am under the cover of darkness. The Border Force Vessel ‘Vigilant’ collected illegals that had been escorted by the French Navy vessel ‘Abeille Languedoc’ into UK waters. 

The Border Force then took the illegal immigrants to Dover to be processed. It had 11 men and 1 woman on board.


At around 6.30 am a ‘Loyalty Connections’ coach parked up waiting to transport illegal immigrants to four-star hotels. Later on, two more coaches arrived.


The men are transferred in coaches. The women and children are transferred in ‘care + custody’ vans. 

Shortly after the coaches arrived, so did the illegal immigrants, with the assistance of the ‘Border Force’. 

On one boat, there was seven children. Three of those were young babies, they were wrapped in thin blankets. 

There were also many young men amongst the new arrivals. There were various different nationalities arriving today.  

At one point in the day there was a large police presence, with reports suggesting that one of the arrivals was to be collected by the police, however that report is unconfirmed. 

The number of illegal immigrants who have arrived this year has now risen to over 800. That is double what had arrived this time last year. The previous highest number of the year to date was 66 illegal immigrants arriving. 

The number of small boats arriving is growing rapidly and the lack of action from the Home Office has many people extremely concerned. 

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