115,000 ‘Asylum’ Applications Waiting To Be Resolved By The Home Office  


There are roughly 115,000 illegal immigrants ‘asylum’ applications which have yet to be resolved by the Home Office, with that figure growing daily.  

The total includes 72,000 awaiting an initial decision on their claim, that figure has grown quite drastically from the 40,000 awaiting an initial decision two years earlier.  

The total number of asylum claims put forward by illegals in the last year was just over 31,000. 

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are awaiting the outcome of an appeal, or have exhausted their appeal options and are awaiting ‘removal’.  

Many illegal immigrants waiting for removal, could be waiting for an extended period of time, suggests Home Office data. Not all the failed asylum seekers whereabouts can be located when the time comes for the Home Office to ‘remove’ the illegals.  

There were just 2,420 ‘enforced returns’ last year, which included a small amount of failed asylum seekers but mostly foreign criminals.  

The sheer number of illegals sneaking into Britain with dinghies after crossing the Channel this year compared to previous years has grown substantially.  

More than 13,000 illegal immigrants have completed the journey across the English Channel from war torn France, compared to 8,410 in the previous year of 2020.  

62,817 illegal immigrants were getting taxpayer-funded support at the end of June, 2021.   

Afghans who arrive under schemes set up by the Home Office will be treated as ‘resettled refugees‘ with the right to enter work immediately. At least 20,000 have been ‘welcomed’ by the government ministers.  

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