1,309 Illegal Immigrants By Boat In Just Two Days


In two days, 1,309 illegal immigrants arrived by boat, assisted by the RNLI and Border Force.

On Tuesday, 2nd November, 456 illegal immigrants arrived by dinghy. The Border Force and RNLI lifeboats were in and out of the port from first thing in the morning until roughly 10 pm that evening.

The majority that arrived were young men of fighting age.

On one of the RNLI lifeboats that came into port packed with illegal immigrants, many of them were caught taking a wee down the side of the boat. Others were also spotted smoking on-board the vessel which is illegal just like the way they arrived.

On Wednesday 3rd, 853 illegal immigrants arrived on 25 boats, which is now the highest number recorded (by the Home Office) for arrivals in one day.

It now brings the current number of illegal immigrants that have arrived by boat to over 22,000 this year.

Over 800 dinghies have completed the journey. Many of which are picked up by the Border Force, however, not all of them are.

There were also beach landings in Dungeness which were assisted by the RNLI lifeboats and Border Force.

It has also been reported that three illegal immigrants have died attempting to cross the Channel in a dinghy within those two days.

On Wednesday 3rd, the French authorities claimed to have prevented 779 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Channel and the day before they reported that they stopped 343.

On the French preventing illegal immigrants crossing the Channel, a Home Office spokesman stated:

“We welcome France’s commitment to work with us to prevent 100% of crossings, but they must go further and faster to achieve this.”

The Irish ferry ‘Isle of Inishmore’ also sent back illegal immigrants to France after they had to stop in the Channel and pull the illegal immigrants out of the water due to their dinghy taking on too much water.

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