£2 Million facility to be built at Dover Western docks to process illegal immigrants.

The Home Office has been permitted to convert a disused welding site into an illegal immigration intake unit. The site is expected to cost the taxpayer a staggering £2 million to build.


Building work on the site has already begun, and Home Office officials expect to have the centre at Dover operational by the beginning of May 2022.  


This announcement came shortly after the government had paid the French £54 million to prevent the illegal Channel crossings.  

The site is expected to cost £2 million to build and a further 1.5 million a year to keep operational. 40-50 employees will work shifts at the site, which will be open 24 hours a day.  

This is an obvious sign that illegal immigration isn’t going to end. Instead, they are expanding the facilities and keeping everything out of the public eye.  They have only ever expanded the site in Dover.

Conservatives MP for Dover Natalie Elphicke said:  

“This sends the wrong message entirely… It’s time to bring an end to these illegal and dangerous journeys.”  

The Home Secretary stated: 

“The Department is determined to deliver a long-term, sustainable solution, with a new facility to be ready next May.”  

The Home Office is also looking for contractors to build and run ‘asylum’ accommodation centres to house what is confirmed to be 8,000 illegal immigrants.  

The government has also been taking control of various hotels all over the country preparing for a massive influx.  

Over 11,500 illegal immigrants have arrived this year on roughly 500 dinghies. 

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