In January of this year 223 Illegal Immigrants arrived by small boat during lockdown. The number could potentially be far higher.

Last month whilst the entire nation had to remain at home and adhere to strict lockdown measures, 223 undocumented illegal immigrants arrived in the UK by small boat.  

When you compare the figure from 2019 it was only 47. That is a significant leap in a short amount of time. 

The majority arrived on dinghies and were assisted with the remainder of their journey by the Border Force. 223 is the reported figure by the Home Office but the number could be significantly higher due to beach landings that go undetected. 

This is all happening under rough sea conditions, as soon as the weather calms it is expected that the figure will grow rapidly. It is reported that thousands of people are in Northern France hoping to make the journey by ‘any means necessary’. 

Last year just under 8,500 arrived by small boat that we know about, the true figure could be much higher. 

It is not known how many have arrived by lorry and other means. It is a lot harder to keep track of that figure due to many not being picked up by the Border Force. 

Illegal Immigration is a major concern with 77% of the population. The British people feel confused and betrayed. 

Recently Illegal Immigrants at Napier Barracks assaulted staff members, vandalised the site and set fire to the living quarters. 

Many have since been moved to hotels so they can ‘social-distance’ properly. 


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