2,587 Illegal Immigrants Have Arrived By Boat This Month. (That We Know About)


In November (this month) 2,587 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat. Over 23,000 this year.

The ever growing figures are a massive cause for alarm. Many people in the UK are extremely concerned about the unknown men of fighting age being ferried in by both the Border Force and RNLi, that’s without mentioning the beach landings that happen day and night.

The figures for illegal arrivals by boat are as listed below:

Tuesday 2nd: 456

Wednesday 3rd: 853

Saturday 6th: 29

Monday 8th: 50

Tuesday 9th: 504

Wednesday 10th: 695

There were various beach landings to happen since the 2nd November. Many have landed on Dungeness, Dover and some even landed in Harwich on the Eastern Coast of the UK, miles away from the Southern Coast.

This year over 23,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat (that we know about). Roughly 860 dinghies have completed the journey.

Today, Illegal immigrants have already started arriving. The earliest drop off was first thing in the morning in Dungeness by the Lifeboat which had 47 on-board.

Border Force vessel Seeker currently has 44 illegal immigrants on-board and is just in the process of collecting 2 ‘discarded’ dinghies.

Two RNLI lifeboats, Hurricane and Seeker are all in the Channel collecting illegal immigrants to bring to the UK.

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