This year so far almost 300 illegal immigrants have arrived in the UK by dinghy or small boat.  

The influx of illegal immigration continues to flood Britain’s coastlines this year with almost 300 arriving already by boat according to Home Office reports. The figure could be far higher as many boats land undetected.

This continues despite the travel restrictions imposed due to Covid-19. Under new legislation being put forward people who enter the UK and don’t reveal if they’ve been to ‘red risk’ nations could face up to 10 years imprisonment. 

No such rules are being imposed on the people who enter the UK illegally. Instead, the illegal immigrants are taken to a hotel by a luxury coach and provided with cash, clothing and various other benefits. 

Chris Philp, the Immigration Minister stated: 

“The Government continues to undertake substantial measures to tackle this unacceptable problem of illegal migration… In January we introduced new rules which mean we can treat asylum claims as inadmissible if they have travelled through safe countries to get to the UK. These crossings are illegal which is why we are pursuing the criminals behind these crossings, returning migrants who have no right to stay in the UK to safe countries and will continue to do everything we can to make this route unviable.”

Used dinghies being transported to storage

It was recently announced that the Home Office is offering a ‘temporary amnesty’ so that illegal immigrants who are in the UK can register with a GP and receive the vaccine.  

It is estimated to be roughly 1.3 million people here illegally. The figure could be far higher as these figures are only Home Office estimations and not an official figure.  

The illegals who come forward to receive the vaccine will face no prosecution or deportation.  

It is highly irresponsible from our government not to keep a record of these people considering they shouldn’t even be here in the UK; they are here illegally. This also sends the complete wrong message to the rest of the world as now it appears that if you enter the UK illegally you will most likely not be deported. 

The busiest day this year has been January 9th with 103 illegal immigrants arriving. Roughly 95% of the people who have arrived have been young men aged between 20 – 30 years of age. 

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