33 illegal immigrants arrived in the UK today after being picked up mid Channel by the Border Force. 

In the early hours of this morning the Border Force launched a vessel out to pick up the first dinghy from a mid-Channel handover. 

At roughly 1.30am the first small boat was ferried to Dover by Border Force officials, it had 8 illegal immigrants on board. They were all young men; their nationality was uncertain. 

The rest arrived between 7-8am. They were ‘processed’ at Dover before being picked up by a coach and taken to a four-star hotel. 

One of the illegal immigrants arrived in a wheelchair and was visibly disabled. It does raise the question as to who is helping them cross the Channel. 

The French authorities returned 11 illegal immigrants as they were unable to complete the crossing. Last night they also returned another 5 who got into difficulties mid Channel. French vessel ‘Scarpe’ collected them and was easy to follow on the Marine Traffic Ship Tracker.

Marine Traffic

The French authorities usually only return the boats that are unable to complete the crossing. 

More than 170 illegal immigrants have arrived since the early hours of Monday.  

With the weather conditions perfect to cross the Channel it is expected that many more will arrive tomorrow. 

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