370 new key immigration roles for Dover, Ramsgate & Manston are being advertised on the government website.

An absolutely ridiculous amount of new staff is being brought in to facilitate the illegal immigration problem in the Channel.

The new staff will be used to ease the burden after it’s been announced that the MOD are to pull out of Channel operations by January 31st 2023.

There will be 70 new staff for the Kent Intake Unit at the Port of Dover and Freight Services Building.

A further 200 staff to be hired for the Manston Initial Processing and Triage Centre near Ramsgate. Also, there will be 100 Immigration Enforcement officers to be placed into Clandestine Channel Threat Command (CCTC) roles.

The Home Office announced the new roles on the civil service site stating:

We are excited to offer these Executive Officer (Immigration Officer) vacancies within the Immigration Enforcement’s Clandestine Channel Threat Command Team and the Asylum & Protection’s National Asylum Intake Unit. Both Teams share a close partnership relationship and are at the forefront of tackling clandestine entry methods to the UK through several means including the small boat route and processing arrivals through these routes to maintain the security of the UK.”

They went on to state that they are looking for people who are:

– Motivated, disciplined and organised

– Show flexibility in dynamic situations within fast-paced operational environments

– Keen to learn and develop

– Have a strong sense of personal ethics and honesty

– Enjoy engaging with a variety of people from all backgrounds

– Can calmly handle challenging situations

– Are passionate about creating an inclusive environment for colleagues to thrive in

– Will be robust at enforcing UK immigration law whilst maintaining professionalism and sensitivity

– For Clandestine Channel Threat Command roles we are particularly keen to hear from those with language skills, particularly Albanian, Sorani, Arabic, Kurmanji, Pashto/Dari, Tigrinya and/or cultural awareness of communities using these languages.

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