Today in Dover, 50 illegal immigrants arrived on three small boats. They were collected by Border Force. 

The first boat was escorted into UK waters, roughly 4.5 miles inside our waters. Border Force vessel ‘Hunter’ collected the small boat with illegals and ferried them to Dover. 

Hunter arrived at roughly 6.45am and had 17 illegal immigrants on board. 

Illegal Immigrants Dover January 2020.jpg

Two more small boats arrived later in the day, one of the boats had a small child on board and its mother. The rest were all young men. 

One of the dinghies that the illegal immigrants were collected from drifted in the Channel, the Coastguard ‘plane’ was tasked with searching for it. Reports suggest the blue and white dinghy has now been retrieved.  

Credit: Kent Patriot

Two ‘Loyalty Connections’ coaches were sat waiting to collect the new arrivals. They will be transferring them to four-star hotels. 

Almost 700 illegal immigrants have arrived this year.  

Credit: Kent Patriot

Over 61,000 illegal immigrants are currently living in Home Office ‘accommodation’. 

Just under 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived last year (2020) and if they continue to arrive as they are, it could be close to 15,000 new arrivals by small boat. 

10 illegal immigrants have been convicted with ‘assisting unlawful immigration’ this year. 

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