8 Romanian Human Trafficking Ringleaders Arrested


Eight, Romanian, human trafficking ringleaders were arrested in an operation which also saw a gun and a large amount of money seized.

Fifty-five trafficked males, one of whom is a child, were found staying in overcrowded houses and enduring awful living conditions.

The floors of the cramped properties were covered entirely with mattresses, so the Traffickers could cram as many people in as possible.

A senior Metropolitan Police officer said:

“There are modern slavery victims in every corner of the capital”

The Metropolitan Police have called on Londoners to report any suspected cases.

After an extensive 18-month investigation into the Romanian gang, arrests were finally made.

The Metropolitan police worked with the police in Bucharest and launched simultaneous raids on the group’s domestic leaders in the Romanian capital.

Many of the people being trafficked have been found working in roles such as construction, agriculture, cannabis factories and in places such as car washes, barbers, and nail bars.

Victims are often told the police and authorities in the UK are not to be trusted and with limited English, the victims are unable to seek help, even if they want to.

Overall, 55 Romanian men were arrested in both Bucharest and London simultaneously.

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