Yesterday 87 illegal immigrants made it to Dover, they were all picked up mid Channel by the Border Force. 

They made the journey in four small boats. The Home Office said that they were all tested and only one had Covid-19, however Nigel Farage claimed that 12 had tested positive.

The majority were young men although a few women and children also crossed the Channel illegally. The Home Office failed to release any information such as age and nationality. 

Yesterday’s figures move the total number of illegal immigrants arriving this week to 159. 

33 illegal immigrants made the crossing last Friday. 

One of the illegal immigrants even arrived in a wheelchair yet still managed to climb into a dinghy and cross the Channel illegally. 

The Home Office have stated:  

“People should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach and not risk their lives making these dangerous crossings… We are continuing to pursue the criminals behind these illegal crossings” 

CC: Kent Patriot

The Home Office also added: 

“The Government is also returning illegal migrants who have no right to stay in the UK to safe countries… In January, new rules were introduced which make asylum claims inadmissible where people have travelled through safe countries to get to the UK through illegal routes.” 

CC: Kent Patriot

Up to £1 million is thought to have been spent by ministers to prevent illegal Channel crossings this year alone.  

The public are beginning to become even more outraged by illegal immigration. Many have expressed their concerns on social media. 

Last year almost 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived by small boat with the majority coming through Dover.

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