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Telling The Truth

My name’s Steve.

I’m a reporter from South East Kent covering the stories that the main stream media manipulate.

I show the truth, what’s actually happening, without any fabrications. No fake news here.

I mainly cover illegal immigration and protests as well as other important issues.

I’m a father to three beautiful children.

They are my motivation.


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Running For Office

I joined UKIP because they wanted a serious discussion about immigration.

In my opinion they are only party that are capable of having that discussion.

I’m proud to have been given the opportunity to stand for UKIP in the Southend West by-election.

I wanted to stand because I’m tired of the government being given a free ride to destroy this nation.

The people deserve an alternative. None of the other parties are standing. To ensure democracy continues there must be an alternative.

My voice isn’t that of a politician… it’s the voice of a normal working-class man from South East England.