In a recent survey conducted by the Local Government Association, on the housing status of Afghan nationals previously in bridging accommodation, a staggering 22 per cent have now sought assistance from local councils after they had presented themselves as homeless.

This revelation comes as authorities grapple with a growing housing crisis, exacerbated by the influx of foreign nationals requiring shelter.

A source within a prominent council expressed their concerns. They stated, “We already face a significant shortage of available accommodation options, and the situation has now escalated with hundreds more individuals in need of housing. The authority is on the brink of declaring a state of emergency.”

In light of these mounting challenges, the council is exploring various measures to address the pressing housing shortage. Among these measures, they are considering the acquisition of ‘temporary accommodation’ facilities and even contemplating the use of public buildings, such as leisure centres as a last resort.

In addition to the increasing number of Afghan nationals seeking assistance, it has been reported that the existing social housing waiting list has grown substantially. All of course heavily assisted by immigration, both legal and illegal. With limited resources and a surge in demand, the local councils are facing an uphill battle to provide adequate housing for the people within their communities.

This all ultimately leads to one outcome. The British people are being dropped further down the ever-growing waiting lists and having to compete with many more people in the private rental sector.

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