The illegal immigrants living at Napier Barracks are to be moved to hotels by April 2nd at the very latest. 

The Home Office have revealed that they have been working with ‘accommodation providers’ and all residents at Napier Barracks will be moved on by the beginning of April.  

Many of the residents will be moved out before that date though. 

The Home Office have stated they will transfer the illegal immigrants in a ‘Covid safe’ way. 

The illegal immigrants at Napier Barracks have recently been on a ‘hunger strike’ which lasted only two days. 

There are currently 50 illegal immigrants at Napier Barracks however the Home Office have hinted that some new boat arrivals may be placed at the site temporarily until the beginning of April. 

The local community are outraged at the thought that illegal immigrants can burn down the barracks and be rewarded with being placed in a four-star hotel. 

One local named James said:  

“I can’t believe they’re not being deported, they set fire to the place… now the government are moving them to hotels, it’s a joke.”

Julie, a local resident who lives not far from Napier Barracks said: 

“I’ll be glad when the asylum seekers are moved on, it’s been nothing but trouble since they arrived.” 

The site has recently been trashed and set on fire by the illegal immigrants who were living there. They also assaulted staff and have been intimidating local residents. 

There are currently 61,000 people living in Home Office ‘accommodation’ such as hotels, barracks and immigration detention centres.

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