This year, the UK has seen almost 10,000 Illegal immigrants invade our waters in inflatable dinghies all assisted by the French and UK authorities aswell as various charitable organisations.

The Invading illegal immigrants are arriving by dinghies with the assistance of the French, despite giving them a further 54 million to actually prevent the illegal immigrants from leaving France.

Four hundred seventeen dinghies have managed to complete the Channel crossing so far this year. We could potentially have over 1000 dinghies that have made the journey from war torn France.

Last year, only 8,444 illegal immigrants completed the crossing by boat. This year we’re just under 10,000 and no sign of this slowing down whatsoever.

The Border Force are struggling to cope with the sheer scale of the operation, and they are assisted by the RNLI in their day to day operation of ferrying illegal immigrants across the English Channel.

The illegal immigrants have been sharing their journey across the Channel on various social media sites such as TikTok, it just highlights how weak our borders are and just how much of a laughingstock our asylum policy is.

The illegals have been arriving day and night. There have been numerous beach landings, with Dunguness being the most preferred landing spot.

If they land the dinghies on beaches, the illegal immigrants are picked up by a coach and taken to a processing facility, whilst the dinghy is towed back to Dover by a Border Force vessel or RHIB.

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