The Home Office have announced that roughly 1.3 million people who live in the UK illegally are to be offered ‘amnesty’. 

The controversial move is to give the large number of illegals who live here the opportunity to get vaccinated. It’s reported that the Home Office will not try to arrest or deport these people. Instead, they have opted to give a temporary amnesty.

The governments reasoning for this is that these people cause a health risk by not being vaccinated. 

Officials have stated that the illegals will not be able to jump the queue for a vaccine or other rights but will most definitely get the opportunity to see a GP. 

1.3 million is the ‘estimated’ figure and in reality, the number could be far higher. The Home Office ‘estimates’ we have  roughly 1.95% of the population living here illegally. 

The illegals that haven’t come forward yet have been reassured that they will suffer no repercussions, including those who came over on the back of lorries and crossing the Channel on dinghies. 

Other illegals include people who have overstayed on visas, ‘tourists’ who haven’t left and various other reasons such as work and studying. Many of these people will be hidden in communities that don’t want to be discovered such as organised crime.  

The Department of Health and Social Care will only share very limited amounts of information with the Home Office. NHS trusts have stated that no immigration checks will be done on patients receiving the vaccine. The same applies for Covid-19 tests or treatment for the disease. 

In short this means that none of this information will be handed over to the police or immigration officers. This will make it extremely difficult to discover where these people are located after they have been vaccinated. 

It would be very short-sighted and unprofessional for the government to not keep any information on these people considering not one of them has the right to even be in the UK. 

Other treatment such as hospital care will require people to prove they live in the UK. But no form of identification is needed to visit a GP practice. Coronavirus vaccines are offered to everyone free of charge regardless of immigration status. 

It is thought that not many will come forward due to fears of being deported. 


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