Are The Home Office Bypassing Manston Processing Facility?

The Home office appears to be bypassing the processing facility at Manston and are putting illegal immigrants into hotels as soon as they arrive by boat.

An illegal immigrant shared his journey from Dunkirk to a hotel in the UK on his TikTok account. In the first video, he shares a video of the camp he was staying at in Northern France.

Then in another video, he shows himself crossing the English Channel on Saturday the 12th. He was in a packed dinghy heading toward the UK.


The next day he shared a video of himself in a hotel with a caption, which translated to:

“Alhamdulillah I arrived in London safely. Today there is no going to the camp, they immediately give a room in the hotel.”

This leads me to believe that the Home Office are now bypassing the Manston processing facility and placing the illegal immigrants directly into hotels.

On Monday the 14th of November there were 1,500 illegal immigrants at Manston and then the following day, there were 1,300.

Over 2,000 illegal immigrants arrived by boat over the weekend and if they all went through Manston, the number in the facility would be far higher. So it leads me to believe that the Home Office are bypassing Manston.

This is a threat to our National Security as it means biometric data isn’t being taken.

It is also a threat to public health as health screenings are not being done. Given that we’ve seen reported cases of diphtheria and even monkeypox, this is a serious issue.

It’s also a massive concern that the illegal immigrants arriving won’t be run through the system so that checks can be made to assess if they’re a threat to the general public.

Once they get placed into a hotel they are free to go as they please. Many have absconded from hotel accommodation over the years.

The Manston facility is designed to be used as a stopgap before hotels in which illegal immigrants are processed. At the location, they check for diseases, gather biometric data, and find out as many details as possible to evaluate whether the illegal immigrant is a threat to the public.

However, since the open-border fanatics have been kicking up a fuss, the Home Office has decided to bypass the Manston processing stage and fast-track illegal immigrants straight into hotels.

Recently the open border fanatics have been protesting to close down the Manston processing facility claiming that the site is nothing more than a concentration camp. Of course, they’re wrong but that doesn’t mean the government won’t bend to their will, and in this case, like many others, they have.

A couple of weeks ago, the facility was holding around 4,000 illegal immigrants. As of yesterday (15th November), the facility is holding around 1,300 illegal immigrants. Many of the previous ‘guests’ at Manston have been moved on to hotels.

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