Jake Hepple was arrested for simply criticising Islam on social media. He had his phone and laptop seized by the police.  

On the 2nd of April Jake was woken up in the early hours of the morning by four police officers, stating that he was under arrest for a ‘race and religious’ hate crime. The police then seized his phone and laptop to be used as ‘evidence’.  

Jake was subsequently handcuffed and escorted to a police van. He was taken to Greenbank police station in Blackburn and after being processed, was thrown in a cell for 11 hours.  

During Jake’s interview, he told me that he had done nothing wrong and that it was his right to speak freely on issues that he is concerned about.  

Funnily enough, after 11 hours in the cell, Jake was released, but was informed he was still ‘under investigation’.  

What was Jake’s crime?  

In a nutshell, Jake was accused of simply criticising the teachings of Islam, and that in it’s scripture it clearly states that Aisha was betrothed to the Prophet Mohammed at just 6 years old, which is equivalent to paedophilia.  

Since his arrest, Jake has received numerous death threats and abuse from Muslims in his surrounding community. 

To sum up… 

Because of the threats to Jake’s life, the police eventually had to send the fire service round to fit fire alarms in every room of his house, as well as a ‘guard’ on the letter box to prevent any arson attack from the Muslim community which could set his house ablaze. 

But has this deterred Jake from speaking the truth? We will let you be the judge of that…

“I will keep doing what I’m doing. Why? Because they are my beliefs and I won’t be silenced because of mindless petty threats”. 

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