Attempted Abduction: Hythe


Three illegal immigrants housed at the Stade Court Hotel attempted to abduct a 6-year-old girl in Hythe.

On Wednesday 23rd, three Eastern European looking men were watching a mother with her two daughters and taking pictures of them. They were also watching another family with a young child.

As Callie (the child’s mother) took her eldest daughter to the toilet which was “only two metres away” she had left her youngest with another parent whose child was playing with Callies daughter in the park.

Callie said that

“Two of the men approached were making small talk with the parent and the other man approached my 6-year-old and the 16-month-old saying they were cute and to come with him for a picture”

As Callie returned from the toilet her daughter was shouted “Mum, he’s asking me for pictures”, Callie instantly confronted the three men who were now retreating away from the park asking why they want images of her children.

The men replied in broken English saying “Cute, just picture, just picture”. Callie asked for the phone to check to see if there were any images of her children or any others on it. The three men fled to the Stade Court Hotel where they are currently staying after entering the country illegally.

She then left her two children with the other parent and followed the men whilst on the phone to the police, she said it was so she could get “decent descriptions”. Once she arrived at the Stade Court Hotel she was denied entry despite the shocking situation that had just happened.

Callie returned to two very ‘shaken up’ children and some traumatized parents.

Once the police arrived, Callie said that

“As much as they seemed to understand what I was saying because they hadn’t actually taken the kids out of the park and in the UK there isn’t a law on taking pictures of children. Unfortunately, all they can do is talk to them and file an intel report”

Callie said to me that

“My thoughts are, why on earth would 3 men need images of children?”

The three men planned their moves strategically, they have no reason to be in a children’s play area and they ran when confronted by the mother.

Callie went on to say

“I said to them show me there are no pictures”

“Are they taking these images for self-gratification or are these children to be abducted and sold to child and sex traffickers? Call me an overthinker or a paranoid mum but none of this is right in my eyes”

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