A Border Force official has stated that the ‘age checks’ of illegal immigrants are flawed. 

An official from the Border Force has explained how the illegal immigrants are verified as an adult or a minor. 

He explained how the Border Force officials line up 18 of the illegal immigrants at a time before being loaded them onto a coach. He said “We look at the faces of the illegal immigrants and determine if we believe they are an adult or a minor… If they look under 18, we’ll send them back to the holding facility and they will be treated as children.” 

He then went on to add that “Once we determine who is an adult, we load them onto the coach ready for them to be taking to a hotel, the majority of which are in the West Midlands.” 

Coaches sat waiting for illegal immigrants.

No other checks are taken for this decision, they are judged by a Border Force official. That’s how the Home Office and Border Force make the decision of whether an illegal immigrant should be sent to a hotel or be placed under the care of social services. This is only necessary for those who arrive without any form of identification. “Some of them will reveal their age, whilst many will not” claims the Border Force official. 

The illegal immigrants who claim to be under 18 are given the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and treated as children unless they look significantly older than the age of 18. Since the year 2015 over 2,100 were discovered to be lying about their age. 

The most common dishonest illegal immigrants are from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, claims Home Office statistics. The majority lie because child ‘refugees’ are given financial help and a place to stay until the age of 25. 

This subject is not new, with stories coming out every year since 2016 about illegal immigrants pretending to be children. It is a very serious problem that needs addressing immediately. Many children could potentially be in danger. 

With such a flawed system in place it will inevitably lead to mistakes in terms of ‘guessing’ an illegal immigrants age. Most of the men who arrive are young between 20-30 years of age. 

The Home Office have stated that “We are fixing our broken asylum system to make it firm and fair. We will seek to stop abuse of the system while ensuring it is compassionate towards those who need our help, welcoming people through safe and legal routes.”

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