Yesterday morning the Border Force vessels left Dover Port and headed out to the middle of the Channel to complete their regular pick-ups but this time they entered French waters.

However, in the rough weather the Border Force vessels sailed into French waters in an effort to collect some illegal immigrants who have attempted to cross the Channel.  

This isn’t the first time this has happened however it is shocking nonetheless, this happened just a week after Priti Patel claimed she would take tougher measures to combat illegal immigration.  

Minister for Immigration Compliance and Justice Chris Philp said on Wednesday:  

“People should claim asylum in the first safe European country they have travelled through… Last week, we announced the most significant overhaul of our asylum system in decades – a new, comprehensive fair but firm long-term plan… Under these plans, we will break the business model of smuggling gangs and protect the lives of those they endanger.” 

Once returned from French waters, the Border Force vessel ‘Vigilant’ was seen unloading around illegal immigrants shortly after midday at Dover. The arrivals were late for the first arrivals of the day, which usually happens before 7am.   

Roughly 40 illegal immigrants arrived yesterday. 32 were ferried in by the Border Force, whilst the rest were discovered on a beach landing near Capel le Ferne. The Home Office are yet to confirm any figures. 

There were small children as well as somebody in a wheelchair who had made the illegal Channel crossing. The majority were young families which is rare considering it is 84% young men completing this journey. 

It is reported that the French had returned 159 who had attempted to make the illegal crossing to England. They were only returned because the boats they were on got into difficulty and couldn’t physically complete the journey to UK waters. 

This year over 1,400 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat. 823 have arrived in March. In the year 2020, 466 illegal immigrants had arrived by 1st of April. This year illegal arrivals by boat have been tripled and almost quadrupled in numbers. 

Last year 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived by boat.  

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