The Border Force has spent £569,696.23 on fuel to pick up illegal immigrants from 1st January to 1st August 2022.

With the nation feeling the pinch when it comes to buying fuel, it appears there aren’t any problems when it comes to operating Border Force vessels. Numerous vessels are used by the Border Force, such as the ex-wind farm vessels, various RHIBs and the large vessels such as Valiant, Vigilant and Searcher.

The Border Force has spent £569,696.23 on fuel to act as a taxi service for illegal immigrants.

The most common vessels used are, Typhoon, Hurricane, Defender, Ranger and Volunteer. They are all ex-wind farm vessels and can carry over 100 illegal immigrants at a time.

The fuel used by Border Force Maritime vessels, including the contracted ‘Crew Transferred Vessels’ (CTV’s), in respect of operations in the Channel in response to small boats (illegal immigrants) between 1st January 2022 – 1st August 2022 is as follows:




This figure doesn’t include the cost of fuel for the RNLI, the Royal Navy or any other port vessels. This is strictly for the Border Force vessels involved in picking up illegal immigrants from small boats (dinghies).

This year over 25,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat. In just the month of August, 8,613 illegal immigrants arrived by boat which is more than the entire year of 2020.

The overwhelming majority have been picked up mid-Channel after being escorted by the French authorities. Once picked up they are ferried back to the UK, mostly Dover or Ramsgate before being transferred to a hotel via a coach.

Coach transportation to hotels cost over £1.5 million last year, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

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