Borderless Britain

Illegal Immigrants have landed on the beaches of Dungeness yet again in borderless Britain.
In the last 16 days, there has been three beach landings at Dungeness. This morning roughly 15 illegal immigrants arrived on the beach.
The illegal immigrants were apprehended by the Police. Shortly after, a luxury coach arrived to collect and transport them to be ‘processed’, where they will be taken to a hotel whilst they claim ‘asylum’.

A local who witnessed the event said:

“There were police there and about 15 of them (illegal immigrants) were being put onto a coach… Just after, two Immigration vans turned up.”

During many months of observations dating back into last year’s chaos, it appears (and has been noted by ‘watchers’) that French fishing vessels – registered at Calais and Boulogne – are assisting illegal immigrants into the channel either just a few miles offshore or almost at the territorial boundary line, mid channel.

The vessels leave in the early hours; they are undetected and almost always work under the cover of darkness. They are up to 40ft in length and have large canopied backs, which are used easily to hide anything ‘suspicious’ such as a dinghy and illegal immigrants.

It’s also been noted that they may go about their usual fishing business once the illegals have been ‘dropped’ overboard. It is believed the whole operation gives traffickers the advantage of undetected movements from the French coast, ensuring they make the journey uninterrupted until they arrive in British waters. There could be as many as 6 French fishing vessels operating this clandestine operation.

The very same fishing vessel movements pair with the arrival of illegal immigrants at Dungeness every time. Alas, no action seems to be taken by the Home Office. The illegal immigrants steering the dinghies appear to head towards the lighthouse which is an obvious landmark to follow.

The landscape area the dinghies land on in Dungeness is vast and very open, if they are not intercepted swiftly, it can be very easy for these people to disappear.

This is a very serious security threat to the nation and makes an absolute mockery of the Border Force every time a dinghy lands on UK beaches. Their job is to protect our borders however, three dinghies in sixteen days have slipped past them and landed on the Dungeness beaches.

In Dover this morning, at approximately 6 AM a Border Force RHIB ferried roughly 10 illegal immigrants into the UK, they were reported to have been East African and all men. The Home Office are yet to release any information.

Borderless Britain.

This year over 1,450 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat. 823 have arrived in March.

Last year in  2020, 8,500 people arrived on small boats illegally – 74% were aged between  18-39, and 87% were male.

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