Bulgaria To Send Soldiers To The Southern Border To Stop Illegals 

Bulgaria has announced that it is sending soldiers to its southern border to stop the influx of illegal immigrants crossing from Turkey and Greece. 

Bulgaria’s defence ministry claims the pressure on its borders is dramatically increasing. 

In total, 700 soldiers are expected to support over 1,000 border police officers. Since the beginning of the year, roughly 14,000 illegal immigrants have been stopped at the Bulgarian border.

European nations have been expecting mass arrivals from Afghanistan after the Taliban seized control of Kabul. Bulgaria expects thousands of illegal immigrants to attempt the crossing from Turkey.

Defence Minister Georgi Panayotov said in a statement: 

“The pressure on Bulgaria’s borders is increasing, which requires the government to act, and it is doing just that” 

The soldiers being deployed “will carry out a protection mission,” he said, adding that they would be available to help police and gendarmes with “constructing barriers and surveillance.” 

The interior ministry has said an increased number of illegal Afghans have been detained in the past week. The number is expecting to grow drastically. 

Bulgaria is on one of the main routes used by people trying to reach Europe from the Middle East and East Africa. 

Between 2013 and 2018 Belarusian officials built a barbed-wire fence along its 260-kilometer border with Turkey, but it was poorly maintained and ultimately failed to protect the border. 

Figures from the UN migration agency (IOM) and national authorities show that there was a total of 3,111 illegal arrivals to Bulgaria (all by land) between January 1st and July 25th, 2021. Almost as many that arrived during the whole of last year, which seems to be a similar case throughout Europe, from Turkey to the UK. This figure will realistically be far greater as many illegals just pass-through Bulgaria to enter various other European nations.

Bulgaria has been pushing back illegals on its southern borders rather than simply letting them enter unlike other European nations, a policy that would be popular in the majority of European nations. 

Turkish President Erdogan said last week that Turkey was not willing to become “Europe’s refugee warehouse.” But despite his tough talking, his actions are a sign of the complete opposite. 

In February 2020, the Turkish government announced that it was “opening the gates” to allow hundreds of thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ in Turkey to leave and enter Europe. 

Tensions in Europe are increasing over the ever-growing influx of illegal immigrants that every nation is having to cope with.

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