Today, in Dover roughly 220 illegal immigrants were ferried in by the UK Border Force. A record breaking day in March and busiest day of the year.

Today’s mass influx begun early this morning at around 6am with the first boat load of illegal immigrants being ferried in by the Border Force. They were picked up mid Channel via a handover with the French Navy. 

Throughout the day the vessels kept arriving, packed with more illegal arrivals. The majority of today’s illegal immigrants were from China & Vietnam. One woman was injured and had to be placed in a wheelchair and one child arrived accompanied by what believed to be the mother.

Like usual, 95% of the arrivals were young men roughly aged between 20-30 years of age.

Two coaches arrived into the UK via a ferry, which now appears to be what Priti Patel meant by safer routes. I spoke to one of the coach drivers and asked if he had just come via a ferry from France and he nodded in agreement. 

This means that the number of arrivals will now be very difficult to keep track off. I have only just discovered this shocking outcome. The potential number of arrivals by using this method could mean  

Once the illegal immigrants were unloaded from the vessels they were lined up and had their ‘details’ taken before being placed under arrest for ‘entering the UK illegally’. But here lies the problem, once arrested the illegal immigrants are then loaded onto coaches and taken directly to a hotel rather than a cell, anyone else in the UK wouldn’t receive such treatment. 

With roughly 220 arriving today that brings this year’s total to over 1000 already and were only in March. Before the illegals arrived today, the total was 823. 

Today’s figures are another record-breaking day for March beating the previous record set earlier this month of 115. 

Last year the illegal Channel crossings was an absolute crisis, now none of the media are barely mentioning it despite the fact that the numbers are well over double that of this time last year. 

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