Channel Smuggler Jailed For 10 Years 


A Channel smuggler has been jailed for 10 years after attempting to smuggle up to 21 people across the Channel in a dinghy.

Nzar Jabar Mohamad, 34, was placed under surveillance when he illegally entered the nation by hiding in the back of a lorry and claimed asylum in 2019.

He was in the process of arranging an attempt to smuggle up to 21 people across the Channel in a small boat, charging each person £10,000, the NCA said.

The gang leader who boasted of smuggling more than 100 women into the UK using lorries and small boats was jailed for 10 years.

Nzar Jabar Mohamad, from Hull, was secretly recorded by National Crime Agency investigators telling his criminal friends in Europe:

“I brought too many women. I swear to God I can say I brought more than a hundred over.”

During the conversations, recorded at his home prior to his arrest, Mohamad also referred to a dinghy he had bought for £6,500 which had gone ‘missing’. Illegal immigrants were to be charged up to £10,000 each to make the crossing to the UK.

Hull Crown Court was told he was heard boasting about the money he was making

Prosecutor Paul Mitchell said that in the recorded phone conversations, Mohamad claimed to have worked as a people smuggler when he lived in France, claiming:

“I earned quite a lot over there.”

Mr Mitchell said Mohamad has continued his people smuggling operation in the UK amd whilst the man has been charged with attempting to smuggle 21 people, it is believed he has in fact smuggled many more to the UK.

Mohamad was arrested by National Crime Agency (NCA) officers at his home in Waterloo Street, Hull, in November 2019. In April this year, Mohamad pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court.

Passing sentence, Judge John Thackray QC said Mohamad was “motivated by greed” and he showed “no regard for the welfare of others” He went on to add, “In my judgment, there are fewer crimes more serious than this.”

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