The illegal immigrants are now on hunger strike at Napier Barracks. They are protesting to be transferred to hotels.

At Napier Barracks there are 50 illegal immigrants still living on site. Over 350 have been transferred to various hotels across the nation.

Out of the remaining 50 at Napier Barracks roughly 30 of them are now on hunger strike. This is now the second day of protests.

They want to be transferred to hotels.

One of the illegal immigrants on hunger strike stated:

“Where’s the justice… where are our transfers”

They are protesting as many of them have been kept at the ex military barracks whilst others have been transferred to four star hotels.

The illegal immigrants at Napier barracks also claim that the living facilities are not good enough and that they’re being kept in prison like conditions.

The Home Office are yet to comment on the situation.

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