Ever since GB News was announced last year it was instantly attacked by various left wing media groups, organisations and influencers.  

The reason they fear GB News, is because the monopoly that the left hold over the media is about to come to an end. The announcement of this news outlet whose chairman is the respected Andrew Neil, intends on providing impartial journalism and a fresh approach to news. 

This inevitably will terrify many mainstream media outlets because now they know that the left wing agenda, that they’ve been pushing this for an untold number of years could potentially come to an end. 

The British public want the opportunity to consume content that is unbiased and truthful. GB news will potentially provide just that. At the very least it gives people an opportunity to listen to ‘alternative’ views and opinions. 

For far too long conservative views have been supressed by the media and have been portrayed as racist and xenophobic. Obviously, that isn’t the case, however that has never stopped the left from using those insults in an attempt to discredit anyone whose voice doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’.  

The stories that GB news will potentially cover will be stories that the mainstream media might not necessarily want told.  

This will inevitably lead for people to make calls to boycott the media group. What’s laughable about this situation is, GB news hasn’t even launched yet and it already has the majority of the left blowing steam. 

People have taken to social media recently to try and convince advertisers to not work with GB news but what a lot of these people don’t seem to understand is business ‘boils down’ to money. 

When push comes to shove and GB News is as successful as many of us predict, the advertisers will be forming a que longer than the ques outside Asda during the first lockdown.  

It is not known when the official launch date will be, but it’s rumoured to be in March 2021. The sooner it comes the better since millions of people are turning off the BBC and Sky news due to them being completely impartial. 

Neil has described his expectation that GB News anchors will have a “Bit of an edge, a bit of attitude and personality”. 

GB News has signed a long-term deal with TV transmitter network Arqiva to reach 96% of UK households through all major UK platforms. These include Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView and Freesat. CEO Frangopoulos said the deal would give GB News “The reach to rival that of the major public service broadcasters”.

From what I’ve seen over the last six months, it’s clear various left wing media groups, organisations and influencers have made a coordinated attack at GB News in an attempt to discredit them before they’ve even started.  

What these leftists don’t seem to realise though is that they are creating more reasons as to why this new media group is needed. Finally, the public might just have a more fair and balanced approach to news. 

The monopoly the left hold over the media must and will end. News has been manipulated for too long and the majority of the public are very aware of that fact.  


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