Dover At Breaking Point 

Dover is at breaking point. The Border Force cannot cope with the influx of illegal immigrants.   

495 arrived by dinghy on Wednesday. A record which was previously 430. 

On Wednesday, the facilities at Dover were so busy that the Border Force physically couldn’t cope with the number of arrivals they had to deal with.  

CC: UK Unification

At one point, some of the illegal immigrants that had just been loaded off a Border Force vessel had to sit outside on the floor and wait for the huge number of illegal immigrants already being ‘processed’ and loaded onto coaches before being driven to a four-star hotel.  

There wasn’t enough room in the already overused facility at the Western Docks in Dover to process the large number waiting outside and on the Border Force vessels waiting in the docks to unload.  

Over 10 vessels were out collecting illegal immigrants at one point, including the RNLI lifeboats in both Dungeness and Dover.  There were 3 reported beach landings and in total 495 arrived. 

CC: Mandy Hutton

CC: Mandy Hutton

CC: Mandy Hutton

The mass illegal immigration unfolding on the Kent coast has continued without so much as a hiccup, despite paying the French government £54 million to stop this exact thing from continuing.  

The Home Secretary and the Prime Minister’s silence on this national scandal is truly shocking and should not be ignored.  

Over 10,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by dinghy this year, with the majority picked up mid-Channel by the Border Force and also the RNLI.

Last year (2020) 8,444 illegal immigrants arrived by dinghy and the year before that (2019) was 1,835.  

To call this national scandal a ‘taxi service’ would not only be an understatement, but also discredit the criminality of what is actually happening.  

Four hundred ninety-five illegal immigrants arrived on Wednesday by crossing the Channel in dinghies. 

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