England will need to build 2.7 million new homes by 2043 due to mass immigration.

2.7 million new homes will be needed by 2043 to house new arrivals from abroad, the equivalent of five cities the size of Manchester, according to the analysis of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) household projections.   

Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch UK, said: “These figures are staggering. Something like one in every two homes needed to meet England’s soaring demand looks set to be the result of immigration over the next 25 years.   “That’s the case even if the colossal scale of overseas net arrivals falls to a level not seen for years… Reducing immigration is essential in order to halt the gobbling-up of green space. When that goes it’s gone forever.”   

Data collected by the Campaign to Protect Rural England found councils plan to build around 460,000 homes over the next 15 years on current Green Belt land. This will be done by removing the Green Belt classification from that land prior to development. 

Under the new post-Brexit system ending free movement from the EU, there are new restrictions stopping unskilled immigrants but caps have been lifted on skilled immigrants worldwide. Most experts anticipate similar levels of immigration. 

Immigration clearly has a massive impact on housing demand and yet it is all too often ignored by the majority on the housing crisis. 

Nearly 80% of the housing required in the past 20 years has been directly or indirectly driven by mass immigration. 

Last year in 2020, house-building was at a 30-year high. The housing needs of today are driven by population growth not seen for almost a century.  

Homes that went up in the 25 years or so after WWII were primarily for British people and their children, last year just over half (57%) of extra homes needed to be built in England until the 2040s would be due to immigration. Roughly 107,400 houses every year or one every five minutes. 

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