There has been a staggering 86% increase in the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the European Union in the first seven months of 2022 compared to the same period last year.

In a recently released report by Frontex, the bloc’s border agency Frontex confirmed that there has been a massive 85% increase in the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the EU.

In July alone, the number increased by 63% year-over-year to 34,570, according to the data released by Frontex. Of course, these figures are only those that the EU actually knows about. The true figure will most definitely be far higher than the reported figures.

Overall the report stated that 155,090 illegal immigrants arrived in the EU from January to July 2022.

Ukrainians entering the EU through the border were not included in the figures, the agency said. Although, there had been numerous reports of Africans and Middle Eastern men pretending to be Ukrainian to avoid any risk of deportation or pushback.

According to Frontex, 7.7 million Ukrainian citizens have entered the EU since the start of the war with Russia in February.

More than 14,866 illegal entries, almost three times greater than in July last year, were recorded via the Western Balkan route, which is still reported to be the most active.

The central Mediterranean route was used by more than 42,500 illegal immigrants between January and July, at an increase of 44% compared to the first seven months of last year.

The number of detections on the Eastern Mediterranean route continued to be a high figure with 22,601 arrivals, more than double the figure of last year.

On the EU’s eastern border, the number of illegal crossings has fallen by 32% since the start of the year, to 2,923. This is mostly due to the Russian – Ukrainian war. The vast majority are claim to be Ukrainian so those figures on the Eastern border are very much unreliable.

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