Andrew Aitchison who claims to be a ‘freelance photographer’ was arrested on Thursday for criminal damage at Napier Barracks in Folkestone. 

The police arrested him a few hours after the demonstration on Thursday. Five officers arrived at Aitchisons home in Folkestone and charged him with criminal damage of a dwelling. They seized his sim card and the memory card from his camera. 

Aitchison had released pictures of a far-left demonstration outside the entrance of Napier Barracks. The extremist demonstration involved people in full body suits throwing fake blood all over the gates defacing Government property. The message, addressed to the Home Office, demanded “Close Napier camp now or there will be blood on your hands!” 

Aitchison’s pictures via his Getty account

Aitchison’s pictures via his Getty account


Subsequently the illegal immigrants, who were being housed at the tax payers’ expense, decided to set fire to the barracks. A police investigation has been launched. Incitement has not been ruled out. 

Andrew, or Andy as he likes to be known is a regular visitor of Napier barracks and likes to spend time with the illegal immigrants often taking their photos which he then peddles to various publications like The Guardian. He conveniently seems to appear on the scene whenever trouble arises. 

Aitchison has been promoted by groups such as KRAN and Channel Rescue and has links to people who are open members of the extremist group Antifa. He sells his pictures to outlets such as Kent Online and the Socialist rag Morning Star Online. He also peddles them via Getty Images allowing mainstream media outlets to obtain usage rights. 

Activist Aitchison has been seen loitering around Napier Barracks and is constantly seen mixing with the residents. One local commented that “It seems to be rather odd that a photographer would spend so much time around the camp and rarely take any pictures… He’s always there when trouble occurs.” 

Aitchison has been in attendance at various protests held at Napier barracks including those held by illegal immigrants and far-left activists including the recent ‘pro refugee’ demonstrations. He also attends multiple Extinction Rebellion protests which have resulted in criminal damage.  

Regardless of Andy Aitchison’s personal involvement in this sordid affair, or a subsequent prosecution, his professional credibility must now be called into question… From now on the veracity of his images must always be questioned. 

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