Farcical French Finally Find A Dinghy


Human traffickers are hiding dinghies in the blockhouses on the beaches of Northern France, as well as various other abandoned buildings.

There remains countless subterranean strongholds dotted all over the place. Today, many of these secret bunkers remain intact and some are still fit for a visit. However, before you grab the kids, the dog, a flask of tea and head off to explore one, there’s a twist to the story that you probably didn’t know about!

The blockhouses as they are commonly known, which were frequently used during World War 2 and now in a bizarre twist, have become a hiding place for dinghies by human traffickers. The dinghies get packed full of illegal immigrants before being sent on towards Britain.

The farcical Gendarmerie, who always claimed to have extensively patrolled the launch areas, finally discovered where some dinghies were being hidden and prepared. They recovered various nautical equipment, but have not disclosed whether or not weapons had been found at the scene.

A Dinghy found in one of the blockhouses at Sangatte beach, Northern France.

Astonishingly, not a single journalist in the main stream media has yet asked any of the glaringly obvious questions this throws up. For example, “Hey Inspector Clouseau, why didn’t you think to look in there earlier?”

Inept Patel has paid the French hundreds of millions to stop illegal immigrants leaving France, yet the number of crossings has grown dramatically with no realistic end in sight.

This year, over 575 dinghies have crossed the Channel carrying tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Patel’s latest claim is if we deploy the ‘pushback method’ it will solve the problem. Literally nobody believes her, because of the restrictions she has put in place, not a single boat that crosses will meet the criteria, so in reality, it’s just nonsense. Yet another laughable ‘Patel PR stunt’ that simply buys more time for the invasion to continue. What has she done to our once proud nautical country?

An overwhelming number of illegals arriving in dinghies are fighting aged Muslim men with unknown agendas. To make matters worse, the best the Home Office can do is give the French government a blank cheque and hope they stop it for us. They must be laughing all the way to the European Bank.

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