Fariboz Rakei, a former Iranian soldier has been jailed for four and a half year for assisting in unlawful immigration. 

Fariboz Rakei, 49, denied the charge of assisting in unlawful immigration into the UK at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday. 

He was found guilty after a three-day trial. 

Fariboz Rakei

On September 7th last year a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) was intercepted by a Border Force coastal vessel as it travelled from France to the UK illegally. 

The small boat (dinghy), roughly 4 meters long was designed to carry 8 people but it had 13 on board. Fariboz was steering the boat when intercepted by Border Force. The illegal immigrants were transferred to a Border Force vessel and ferried to Dover. 

Fariboz Rakei, who had been steering the boat, had previously entered the UK by small boat in 2019. He was removed from the UK in the same year and taken to Germany. 

Fariboz said he had ‘maritime experience’ from his time serving in the Iranian military. It is unknown as to what ‘operations’ he was involved in during his time in the Iranian military. 

After hearing all of the evidence, the jury took just under an hour to come to a guilty decision.  

He was sentenced to four and half years in prison and is the 10th person to be jailed this year for assisting in unlawful immigration, but Fariboz has received the longest sentence out of the 10 convicted. 

If you have any information about suspected immigration abuse you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously.


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