Open border Tories are yet again attempting to hide the truth about illegal immigration from the public.


Our so-called Conservative government are attempting to hide the scale of the illegal immigration crisis. In their latest attempt at pulling the wool over our eyes, the government are now going to stop releasing the daily figures of how many illegal immigrants are arriving by boat.

Hiding the reality of the situation will not stop the boats. Only confronting the problem head-on will. Something our government doesn’t have the stomach for.

The Home Office said hiding the figures would “better support… public… understanding” which we all know is complete nonsense. The public can’t understand something if they’re not told about it. To suggest otherwise is just an outright lie.

Illegal arrivals by boat are already six times the total seen by this point last year. The number of arrivals is growing rapidly and the cowards in power are terrified that the taxpayers will see the truth.

1,347 people have come over illegally, in at least 46 boats, since the beginning of the year (2022).

The majority of arrivals have had their asylum claims denied throughout European nations and are now trying their luck with the land of milk and honey which we call Britain.

In the year 2019, it was 1,844 illegal immigrants that arrived by boat, in 2020 it was 8,461 and last year in 2021 it was 28,401.

This year we’ve already had 1,341 illegal immigrants arrive by boat, all of which arrived in January.

The Home Office hasn’t released any figures for illegal arrivals by boat since the 26th of January.

98% of those entering the UK via this illegal route claim asylum when they get here. They are then temporarily arrested for their illegal entry, then will most likely be held for a few days in an immigration detention centre where they are given mobile phones, clothes, food and whatever else they need before being bailed into tax-payer funded accommodation such as hotels or house shares.

They are then free to roam amongst the community while their asylum claim is considered. The Home Office dont seem to have any concerns about the general publica safety. We have no <span;>idea who these people actually are or where they come from, but they are free to roam the streets.

Many of these people destroy or discard their identification documents to prevent the authorities from discovering who they actually are. It’s a massive security risk and puts innocent British people at risk.

Last year only five illegal immigrants were deported.

The Border Force has become nothing more than a taxi service and the illegal immigrants, human traffickers and everyone else involved knows that only too well and will exploit it as much as they can. All with the assistance of government-funded NGOs and charities, of course.

It was confirmed by The Home Office that £4.7 Million per day is currently being spent on hotels for illegal immigrants and ‘refugees’. This was admitted by Priti Patel after they lied and told us the figure was far lower.

The £150 million per month cost does not include the other incredibly generous expenses they receive. It’s plain to see that this colossal figure can only increase as more and more illegals arrive every day.

Using published Government figures I can predict the cost to the taxpayer for the coming year; By simply extrapolating the rate of increase of the invasion (from January ’21 to January ’22) and then applying the same rate of growth to the expenses, it is clear to see we will be spending roughly £3.6 billion this year.

The only thing that can’t be accurately predicted is the impact on our communities, culture and security. I think it will be catastrophic. And yet, the madness continues as deportations and repatriations remain incredibly rare.

The illegals will be waved through and gifted houses, flats or apartments ahead of all indigenous British people currently stuck on the waiting lists or sleeping rough on the streets.

It’s a national embarrassment.

It’s a national disgrace.

Sign this petition organised by Migration Watch, to stop our cowardly and manipulative government from hiding the truth.

Illegal Immigration UK 2022

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