Government’s New Plans For Afghans Named ‘Operation Warm Welcome’  

Work is underway across the whole of Government to ensure that Afghans and their extended families, are ‘supported’ as they now build their lives in the UK.  

The plans, dubbed ‘Operation Warm Welcome’, will be overseen by Victoria Atkins, the new Minister for Afghan Resettlement.  

The support provided will be similar to what was given in the Syrian Resettlement Programme and is designed to ensure that those who worked closely with the British military and UK Government in Afghanistan get health, education, employment and accommodation support that they’ll need; however, this will ultimately be exploited.  

The price of how much this is costing the taxpayer is unclear as yet, but it is expected to eventually reach hundreds of millions.  

The UK government have had offers of support from charities, businesses and a tiny minority of the British public.  

Some of these plans include the creation of a ‘central portal’ where people, organisations and businesses can register their offer of support towards the Afghans, something which is vitally needed for the people who already live here, such as homeless veterans, families and young adults.  

Taxpayer funded English language courses will also be provided for many of the dependents of former staff. Afghan translators may also need this.  

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:  

“I am determined that we welcome them (Afghans) with open arms and that my government puts in place the support they need to rebuild their lives. We will never forget the brave sacrifice made by Afghans who chose to work with us, at great risk to themselves. We owe them, and their families, a huge debt”.  

Full details will be made public early next week, and they intend to build on the commitments already made towards the Afghans.  

These include a staggering £5 million for local councils to provide housing support, an offer of a vaccine for everyone on arrival and access to NHS services such as ‘mental well-being and trauma support’. That’s not to mention all the ‘benefits’ these people will receive, as well as having the luxury of jumping the queue in front of people who have been waiting years.

This news will ultimately upset many of the British public, whom are already struggling to get vital support such as housing and medical treatment, many have complained that they have not even been asked by their local council if they agree with the scheme.

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