The Greek government intends to extend the border fence in Evros. The main border fence between Greece and Turkey.

KYSEA (Council for Foreign Affairs and National Defence) had a meeting recently where they decided to extend the border fence in Evros by an additional 49 miles, which would add to the 23 miles already built along the border.

Greece has submitted a request for funding from the EU, the request comes after the number of illegal immigrants arriving is treble that of 2021.

The decision came after the scandal fabricated by Turkey in which they moved a large group of illegal immigrants along the border with Greece and sent them across the Evros river to an islet in shallow waters.

Some of the 38 illegal immigrants that Turkey moved across the border said they were arrested in Turkey. They then went on to say they were bussed by Turkish authorities to a camp and from there they were taken to the bank of the Evros river. They also claim that the Turkish officials were giving them violent threats until they found a point to cross.

The border between Greece and Turkey is approximately 120 miles long. If the 49-mile border fence gets built along with the already existing 23 miles it would play a major factor in preventing illegal crossings from Turkey. The fence is rumoured to be completed by the end of this year.

The Citizen Protection Minister said that in August over 25,000 illegal immigrants tried to enter Greece through the Evros border between Greece and Turkey. Not all of those completed the crossing, however, it is a major concern to the Greeks that so many illegal immigrants are attempting to complete the crossing.

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