A recent poll conducted by King’s College London has revealed a noteworthy trend in the United Kingdom’s public sentiment, indicating a growing acceptance of the “Great Replacement” theory.

The survey, involving 2,274 UK adults aged 18 and above, indicates that 32% of respondents believe in the theory’s validity, demonstrating a significant shift in public perception.

The question presented to participants was, “The ‘great replacement theory’ – the idea that white Americans and Europeans are being replaced by non-white immigrants – is happening?” The range of responses provided a fascinating insight into the evolving mindset of the British public.

Encouragingly a substantial 12% of respondents confidently asserted that the theory was “Definitely true.” An additional 20% leaned towards acceptance, categorising it as “Probably true.”

The poll also reported a significant 19% of respondents who remained in the “Don’t know” category, suggesting that a sizeable portion of the British public is open to considering the theory’s merits and legitimacy.

These findings suggest that nearly one-third of the British public either believes in or leans towards the acceptance of the “Great Replacement” theory, a significant step away from conventional narratives.

While 19% of participants expressed scepticism by classifying the theory as “Probably false,” and 29% firmly dismissed it as “Definitely false,” the notable trend towards acceptance cannot be ignored.

This shift in public opinion towards the theory holds profound implications for furthering the discussions related to immigration, identity, race and cultural dynamics.

For those interested in a more detailed analysis of the poll results, the comprehensive report is available for reference via the following link:

[Conspiracy Belief Among the UK Public (PDF)]

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