Halifax Hotel Tell Guests To Leave To Move ‘Refugees’ In The Very Next Day


The Wool Merchant Hotel in Halifax asked guests to leave to move ‘refugees’ in the very next day.

In December roughly 20 guests were asked to leave by the hotel, they were told that it was due to a broken boiler. However, that wasn’t the case. No boiler repairs or replacements have been made on the premises.

The very next day, the hotel moved in its first set of Afghans. The Home Office had paid for the Hotel to now house ‘refugees’.

It is believed that the hotel is receiving £150 per person, per day, as well as just under £7,000 per month for ‘upkeep’ and damage. The hotel is now also employing two full-time Mitie security guards trained under the ‘Serco’ umbrella.

The hotel is housing just under 100 new Home Office guests. They are provided with all of the amenities they could possibly need, benefits our homeless could only dream of.

One of the new ‘guests’ was even kind enough to leave a 5/5 review on google.

The Wool Merchant Hotel dates from a period when a large part of Yorkshire’s wealth was based around the handwoven textiles trade. The hotel is roughly the same age as Halifax’s Grade I listed Piece Hall, which is the sole survivor of the great 18th-century northern cloth halls. Built in the 1870s, as a Victorian world-renowned trading centre for wool merchants, it was later converted into a hotel in the late 20th century.

Terry who works near the hotel has seen takeaway drivers delivering every night to the ‘refugees’

This isn’t a quarantine hotel so the guests are free to come and go as they please.

The hotel is fully booked up on its website until March 20th and that could potentially change at any time to a later date.

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