Home Office Confirms Illegal Immigrants Will Be ‘processed’ At Manston’s Fire Training Centre


The Home Office has announced that part of the MOD site at Manston will be used as a processing centre for illegal immigrants.

The site is said to be ready for use as early as the beginning of January 2022. The Home Office has claimed it will be a secure site and able to hold the illegal immigrants for up to five days.


The military site will be used to carry out what little checks the Home Office can actually do. This includes asking their name, age and nationality. If they have no identification then the security checks carried out are very limited.

The Home Office confirmed that short term ‘initial accommodation’ will be provided for people during their time on the Manston site, before being taken to various hotels all over the country.

The taxpayer-funded site provides all the amenities and services that illegal immigrants could possibly need for a short term stay.

People who travel to the UK through ‘legal routes’ such as the Afghans flown in by their thousands or the 2,500 people a week from Hong Kong that are arriving will not be taken to Manston, this site is strictly for the illegal immigrants.

Air Cadets and Army Reservists based at the site have been given notice to move out so that invaders can take their place.

Those affected are the 3rd Battalion the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment and 2433 Ramsgate & Manston Squadron – RAF Air Cadets.

In July 2019 a 12-year contract was signed with a private company called Capita, worth roughly £525 million, to outsource the use of Ministry of Defence fire and rescue operations.

The firm was selected by the MOD as the winning tender for the Defence Fire and Rescue Project in June 2018.


Ariel footage of the site shows the sheer size of it. The footage of it suggests the government are expecting an awful lot more illegal immigrants next year. They’ve also upgraded the facilities in Dover costing the taxpayer over £2 million. These upgrades are clearly the foundations being laid to imoprt roughly 50,000 illegal immigrants next year.

This year over 27,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat, over 10,000 by vehicle and the numbers are growing by the day.

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