Home Office Claim They Hold No Data On Who Is Arriving Illegally Via The Euro Tunnel

The Home Office claim they don’t hold data on who is arriving illegally via the Euro Tunnel.

“The information you have requested, in relation to the Channel Tunnel, is not collated either by the MOD or by the Home Office.”

On the 2nd of August 2022, I wrote to the Home Office requesting the figures of how many illegal immigrants had arrived via the Euro Tunnel (Channel Tunnel) this year. The Home Office replied to me stating that it was ‘not in the public interest, they said they held the data but refused to disclose it.

Shortly after this response, I requested a review because I believe it’s very much within the public interest. Also, the MOD releases daily updates of how many arrive via boat so the same should be done with other routes such as the Euro Tunnel.

The Home Office completed the review and backtracked their response claiming they got the initial decision wrong. The Home Office spokesman then went on to add:

“I have carefully considered your comments and consulted with the responding unit, I consider that the Home Office’s original response to your request was not correct. I apologise for this.”

Upon review, the Home Office is now claiming they do not hold the information I requested.

The Home Office said:

“The final Border Force control point for passengers boarding the Eurotunnel in France is Coquelles. Border Force identifies clandestine travellers and those to be refused entry to the UK before they leave French territory.”

The Home Office acknowledged that the information for boat arrivals is made public by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) which collate the information and that it’s not possible to do the same for the tunnel.

A spokesman for the Home Office said:

“The information you have requested, however, in relation to the Channel Tunnel, is not collated either by the MOD or by the Home Office.”

The Home Office has determined that the original response was not correct to refuse my request under the exemption at section 31 of the FOIA, because the information requested is apparently not held by the Home Office.

So the Home Office are either lying or the problem with the Channel Tunnel is far worse than we thought because they’re not even collecting the necessary data. To suggest that the Home Office doesn’t hold the figure for the number of illegal immigrants arriving via the Euro Tunnel is a massive security threat to the UK.

The taxpayer has to foot the bill for funding the hotel lifestyle of the illegal immigrants that arrive, at the very least, they should be told how many are coming and how many by each route.

As it stands, it appears the Home Office are very happy with the public being distracted by the illegal boat arrivals.

FOIA: (ref. 70705)

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