The Home Office are releasing fabricated figures in relation to the illegal arrivals on the Kent coast. 

This year 1,179 illegal immigrants have arrived on the Kent coast by boat with the majority being brought in by Border Force. 

However, the Home Office official figure for illegal arrivals by boat this year is 1,056. This number is 123 short, which leads to an ongoing question many have…  

Are the Home Office counting the women and children? 

My statistics and calculations are way more accurate than that of those the Home Office have released. Myself and a few others literally count every single illegal arrival and have the video evidence to back our claims.  

This does raise the question as to why these figures are being fabricated? Could it be that they don’t want the sheer scale of this exposed, or could it just be complete and utter incompetence from the Border Force officers? 

This isn’t the first time these figures haven’t been accurate; I had my suspicions last year but couldn’t prove the issue. Now myself and others have all the footage to prove that these figures are manipulated. 

Throughout my time covering the illegal arrivals I have managed to form connections with the Border Force as well as the immigrants themselves.  

I have also investigated the treacherous behaviour of local taxpayer funded charities, QUANGOs and politicians who are actively working against the government and public to encourage and facilitate endless illegals entry to our country on a daily basis. 

Put simply, I know more about the reality of this problem than the Home Office ever will.  

I have read Priti Patels new immigration plan in some great detail and credit where credit’s due. This appears to be the first positive step towards tacking the colossal immigration problem that a British Home Secretary has taken in decades. It would be churlish of me not to say so.

However, like most observers, believing that this will lead to meaningful and measurable change is a big leap of faith given the governments track record of in-action, but I do hope and pray that the new measures will yield significant results. 

Last year In 2020, 8,500 people arrived on small boats illegally – 74% were aged between 18-39, and 87% were male. 

In 2019 only 1,850 arrived. Illegal immigration is growing rapidly.  

It’s almost out of control. 

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