Priti Patel, Home Secretary and the Home Office are to introduce an independent age assessment body for illegal immigrants, taking control away from inconsistent and flawed local councils in an attempt to prevent adult men from posing as school children.. 

This unfortunately is a common occurrence. All over the country many cases have come forward in which adult men have lied about their age and been placed into British schools amongst our children. 

Liverpool City Council found 24 illegal immigrants posing as children. That’s just one city. 

One well documented case was that of Siavash Shah, who ‘claimed’ to be 15 in order to avoid deportation and attend Stoke High School in Ipswich.  

The local school children were not fulling for the obvious lie, with one photographing the illegal immigrant and asking “How’s there a 30 year old man in our maths class?” 

He was later discovered by authorities and quickly removed from the school. 

Another well-known case was terrorist Ahmed Hassan. He is also known to have lied about his age, posing as a child and being unleashed onto the community.  

He even told the Home Office officials that he had been trained to kill by ISIS but was still free to roam the community putting innocent people’s lives at risk. 

Hassan later went on to detonate an explosive device at Parsons Green Underground Station in 2017. He injured dozens of innocent members of the public, just months after the nation endured a disgusting Islamist terrorist attack in Manchester and the capital city London.

Hassan was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 34 years to serve. The dangerous terrorist will not be eligible for parole until 2052. 

Last year almost 8,500 arrived illegally by small boat and we have no idea how many arrived by other means, but one thing we do know is some of these people coming over are pretending to be children and mixing in schools. 

This is a very serious concern as we have no idea who these people are or anything about their backgrounds. This could potentially put a lot of children at risk. 

My predictions for this year are that close to 15,000 will arrive and if the Home Office doesn’t get a grip soon this problem could get out of control. 

The Border Force previously revealed that the age checks are flawed as they only have a quick look at them whilst loading them onto coaches to determine if they are an adult or not. 

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