Home Office To fund ‘Asylum Centres’ In France To Stop Channel Crossings

The new plan is part of Britain’s £54m that we gave the French government, aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from attempting the crossing.

The Home Office is putting together a plan in which the French authorities would transport illegal immigrants from coastal regions in France ‘if’ they are every actually intercepted attempting to cross the Channel.

Asylum reception centres are set to be established on various sites away from the northern French coast. This new plan will be using British funds in a bid to try to stop the flow of dinghies across the Channel.

The aim of the plan is to prevent people from attempting to reach Britain illegally, an act that is not only encouraged by people smugglers but by our weak and complicit government.

In a move that could potentially increase the number of arrivals, the illegal immigrants will be offered the chance to apply for asylum in France or another ‘safe’ country in Europe.

Britain has contributing £54 million ($74.6m) on top of the millions already given to the French government, towards trying to resolve the Channel crisis, some of which will fund the ‘accommodation’ in France.

In July, the UK and France issued a joint statement after Boris Johnson’s government agreed to hand over the £54m.

The two sides agreed that the French authorities would provide asylum options to illegal immigrants as an“alternative to dangerous crossings”.

Home Secretary Priti Patel last week ‘threatened’ to withdraw the £54m as the number of Channel crossings has climbed dramatically.

She was thought to have secured legal advice to employ ‘pushback’ tactics under which Border Force agents would turn illegal immigrants boats back around. Then redirect them towards France but as I’ve said multiple times before, the ‘pushbacks’ will never work with the restrictions that are put in place.

The latest proposal to deter people from making the short journey across the Channel comes after we’ll over 2,500 illegal immigrants entered into Britain in the past week, another record for the year.

This year, over 16,500 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat after crossing the Channel from France and Belgium. The figure is already double that of last year.

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