The Home Office is preparing to hide the unloading of illegal immigrants that they ferry in from public view.

Lord Springfield

The Home Office has been building a new gangway at the new Tug Haven facility in Dover which cost the taxpayer around £2.5 million. The gangway has been strategically placed to make it difficult for the press and the general public to see how many are arriving.

The current gangway that is used

New gangway – Lord Springfield

The Border Force has been training over the last few weeks in preparation for the change of location in terms of unloading illegal immigrants. I have spotted them on several occasions in the new location. It is clear this is going to happen in the near future.

Border Force Training At The New Home Office gangway

The obvious intention behind this is to prevent the public from keeping count of how many arrive. The MOD does release the daily figures, however, there have been numerous times when the number that arrived failed to match up with the MOD figures released.

So by removing the publics ability to keep count, the Home Office and MOD can put whatever figures out they wish and people won’t be able to know whether or not they are the true number of arrivals.

From the ground, it’s pretty much impossible to see the numbers arriving. From the cliffs, it is slightly possible but only until they put up temporary buildings or sheeting in the line of view from the cliffs then it will be completely out of sight for everyone.

The Home Office and Dover Harbour Board have tried on numerous occasions to remove myself and others from the location and have failed at every step, so now it seems they’re just going to move the unloading of illegals to a more ‘secure location’.

They have already moved the processing facility that they use in Dover out of sight behind large blacked-out fences. It used to be just at the top of the ‘old’ gangway. In which it was fairly easy for the public to keep track and observe what was happening, now it’s not so easy, although still slightly possible in certain spots.

Lord Springfield

As we all know, the Home Office is very well known to hide information from the public. It’s something they do time and time again.

Previously the Home Office have refused to disclose to me how many illegal immigrants arrived via the Eurotunnel. They claimed that it is ‘not in the public interest’. They also used that very same excuse when I asked about how many illegal immigrants and refugees were housed in social housing.

Since they refused to answer both requests, I suspect the number for both of these requests must be incredibly high. If it wasn’t, they wouldnt hesitate in releasing the information. The reality is, that the information (if released) would cause outrage amongst the general public.

Almost 25,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat this year. Double the number that arrived this time last year. 90% have been young fighting age men. The overwhelming majority arrive without any form of ID and ultimately we have no idea who these people are.

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