Written by: Little Miss

Afghans brought here on the government’s official resettlement scheme are being moved out of hotels.

Since the summer of 2021, ‘bridging’ accommodation has been used to house people who arrived under the Afghan resettlement and relocation schemes until they move into ‘appropriate’ long-term accommodation. It is typically rooms in hotels or serviced apartments and costs the taxpayer around £1 million per day.

Local councils are now being told they have to find housing for the 8,000 people in the ‘bridging accommodation’. A lot of these are families with several children so large properties will be required.

The average fertility rate for an Afghan woman is 4.64 children, compared to 1.62 for English women & 1.49 for Welsh women.

Manchester council has complained to the government asking for more help after being told they have 90 days to find 710 Afghans a home in the city. They won’t end up on the streets as council leaders have said “they are confident suitable accommodation would be found for the 710 individuals affected by the closures” but asked the government for more time to ensure it could happen.

Meanwhile, Manchester has over 13,000 people on the social housing waiting list & the worst rate of homelessness in the region with a figure of 7,450 people. A report by housing charity Shelter has revealed that Manchester has the highest rate of homelessness in the North West, with one in 74 people being homeless.

The Office for National Statistics showed more homeless people die in Manchester than anywhere else in the country.

So we have to ask the question of why the local authorities can magic up accommodation for Afghan families but not for the native population of this country.

How can we have native families shunted around temporary accommodation and people living on the streets while at the same time providing housing for foreign nationals?

This is a national disgrace and a crime against the native population of our once great nation.

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