The easiest way to defund the BBC is to stop paying the license. Here is a few tips how on how to cancel.

As we all know the woke Marxist propaganda that the BBC has been spewing is something that we are all expected to pay for, what’s even worse is that were expected to pay for it even if we don’t watch it. 

All live tv we have to own a license to watch as well as for recording TV or watching on demand.

So, what can we do to get around this?

Well, it’s simple, stop watching live TV. The majority of it is garbage anyway but most of the programmes have catch up services on other streaming platforms, you just can’t watch it live unfortunately. 

The TV license per household costs £157.50 a year, which is an extraordinary expense to fund far left propaganda being forced down your throat. Now obviously if you’re a fan of the BBC then this article may seem a little irrelevant to yourself, however, this is for those that want the BBC gone from their living rooms. 

So, what steps do you take, well first step would be to cancel your direct debit, this is the most important as they may have an ‘administration error’ or some nonsense like that which will continue to charge your bank account.  

Next step, you can fill out a quick form online and that’s it you’re no longer a BBC customer. Then obviously you don’t watch BBC content anymore, instead get online subscriptions for various different streaming platforms. If you don’t have access to the internet you could call the helpline or even write a letter.  

Then that’s it you’re no longer funding the Marxist propaganda machine. 

If a TV license inspector knocks on your door you do not have to let them in and you certainly have the right to ask them to leave. They have no right to come in and check your property. Just simply explain you’re not a customer and close the door. 

If you need any further information, a great source of information is TV License Stop. 

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