Many Facebook groups are created with the sole purpose to advertise human trafficking.

Human traffickers have taken to the social media site Facebook to advertise their business, whilst illegal immigrants – hoping to get into Europe – search for available ‘trips’.

The traffickers are offering packages which include being picked up by car in Libya and taken to Italy, by boat. The prices are not publicly advertised, and the traffickers request that you contact them ‘privately’.

However, after talking to many illegal immigrants over the last year, I’ve been made aware that there are various package deals available. Prices range from an average of 2–5,000 euros.

Illegal immigrants have even posted in these groups looking for a trafficker to take them from places such as Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, and Iraq. Some stated they won’t pay until they reach their ‘destination’. All of these Facebook groups are treated like travel agencies. One man, seeking a trafficker, requested a warranty for his travels.
With Facebook’s ever-increasing censorship, it begs the question, why are these groups allowed to happen and why aren’t they being monitored and/or intercepted?

With Facebook not actively closing down these groups and blocking the accounts, they are encouraging illegal immigration into Europe and lining the pockets of human trafficking gangs.

In just a short amount of time, without much of a struggle, I managed to find over a dozen of these groups. They are openly promoting and selling human trafficking services and illegal immigration, into Europe
I’ve spent some time watching these online groups and the majority of them close down when the spaces in boats are full, which is usually, within a couple of days.

Illegal immigration and human trafficking is an ever-growing problem, it is a massive business with a large amount of money to be made, every step of the way.

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